History, Culture and Natural Beauty: The Complete Guatemalan Package

If you are looking to enjoy a good vacation marrying many of the attributes that make Latin America a perennial destination for tourists from all over the world, why don’t you try the country of Guatemala? Any Helen Pastorino with an eye for adventure, culture, nature and relaxation, Guatemala is certainly the country to be in when thinking of destinations in South and Central America.

Guatemala is smacked right in the middle of Central America between Mexico, the Pacific, and the Caribbean. As such, it is home to a splendid array of natural, cultural and historical attractions that would get anyone’s juices flowing. So instead of going on cruises from NYC, you should look into booking a trip in Guatemala. In the next paragraphs, we outline the many attractions in Guatemala so you can have something to use as reference in planning that big vacation and getaway.

Natural Attractions
Most people travel to see natural attractions and in this regard, Guatemala is one of the best destinations in the world. Its close proximity to the Pacific and Caribbean assures any traveler of a definite water activity. Whether you are one for fishing, just hanging out in a boat, or you are into water sports, you will find something that suits your taste for adventure in Guatemala.

Beyond the water, there are plenty of other natural destinations that offer plenty of activities to burn your time. You should hope to be in your best shape much like a Lekker Energie facility if you are in Guatemala because the escapades will definitely get your juices flowing. There are a number of companies that offer excursions into the Guatemalan jungle which branches out from the Amazon Rainforest. These offer a trip through some of the wildest and most demanding terrains in the world for tourists to get a taste and appreciation of what the rainforest can offer and why it should be preserved. In fact, this is one of the reasons why many tourists choose to go to Guatemala on a regular basis because it offers an insight into jungle survival without ever being fully removed from civilization and urban attractions.

Historical Attractions
An even bigger facet of Guatemalan tourism has to do with the many historical attractions in the country. Guatemala is mostly noted for the spread of the Mayan culture which left a variety of relics in the area after their decline in 900 AD. The historical attractions are widely used by architectural schools in South and Central America as a window into the Mayan supremacy and architectural brilliance while it was the dominant civilization. Common sites for tourist visits include El Mirador, El Tintal, Xulnal and Nakbe among others.

Beyond the Mayans, Guatemala also became witness to the rise of European dominance. Today, Guatemala continues to be predominantly Spanish, a tradition and cultural identity that is not limited to Guatemala but extends as far south as Chile, Brazil and Argentina. The Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors were so prolific that they were more like an umbrella company in that they were able to amass huge portions of territory in a relatively short amount of time. Guatemala’s role in all these is special because it sits in the middle of the Spanish new territories providing a perfect vantage point to manage Mexico in the north and Argentina in the South. This history is both long and interesting that you are guaranteed to find it with a flip of mypadmedia devices.

Cultural Attractions
While it is hard to draw a line between history and Guatemalan culture, Guatemala does this with its plethora of cultural museums and architecture schools depicting history and culture in one vista. You can easily grab custom t-shirts of these attractions as proof of your visit to Guatemala. You can also choose to go for textile museums and other archaeological artifacts if you want a diversion other than the omnipresent Mayan civilization. There is plenty to be had when you are in Guatemala.

Urban Attractions
The party life in Guatemala is very developed and equally vibrant. It is also close enough to Brazil to have picked up authentic Brazilian Keratin treatment techniques to soothe your sunbathed hair. And because it is a predominantly Catholic country, you can be confident that the Christmas lights here will more than light your way. The Christmas celebrations here are festive, traditional, vibrant and replete with religious significance and a Catholic would do well to spend a few days of Christmas in Guatemala.

So whether you are looking for natural, historical, cultural or urban attractions and even free Microsoft points codes for your thriving business, you should look into Guatemala as a suitable tourist destination. It will soothe your aches and fill your eyes, satisfy your hearts and fill your stomach with authentic Spanish food. See if you can saunter your way into Guatemala for a few days and experience an atmosphere that is uniquely Guatemalan.