Top 5 Locations to Visit in Guatemala 

If you are in need of some breathtaking view once in a while, then Guatemala is the best place to be. This beautiful country is located in Central America and has breathtaking views of tropical rain forests, mangrove swamps, mountains, volcanoes and other natural wonders. Aside from relaxing at home with the best anti wrinkle cream on your face, maybe you can stretch and book a flight to this beautiful country for fun and relaxation.

If you want a place where you see yourself in the terrain a vendre or in a house with vinyl shutters, while sipping African mango weight loss shake in a canapes house, then this getaway haven is for you!

There are five places where you can go see in Guatemala. One place which you should not miss visiting is Antigua, one of the best preserved colonial towns in Central America. It is set among three volcanoes and breathtaking landscapes. Pastel colored houses with San Diego flooring greet you when you come to explore on foot.

Another breathtaking place is Lake Atitlan, which is a very beautiful lake formed from a volcano lid after it exploded. Lake Atitlan is located on the Guatemalan Highlands and is also surrounded by three volcanoes.

Tikal is the third must-see place in Guatemala. It has Maya ruins which are very historical and shows the tallest pyramids of the ancient Maya civilization. It is also beset with animals such as howler monkeys, spider monkeys, jaguars coatis, crocodiles, pacas, tarantulas and a great variety of beautiful birds.

Flores is the fourth place that you should visit in Guatemala. It is a small town in an island in Lake Peten. Its red roofed colorful houses are breathtaking especially when seen while riding a boat to the island.

The next place that you should not miss visiting is Chichicastenango, which is famous for its colorful market. The market sells everything from chicken and livestock to jewelry and clothing. If you stay an extra day or two, you will have a chance to chat with the people and visit the colorful cemetery which is overlooking the town. Or you can take a hike to Pascual Abaj, which is a Mayan shrine on a hill above town. Pascual Abaj means “Sacrificial Stone” in a local Mayan language. It is a shrine to Huyup Tak’ah, the Mayan earth god. You can come here to wish for good luck or good health. Make sure you bring along a sacrifice with you such as corn or chicken, as it is a common practice there.
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Top 3 Guatemala Travel Locations

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, the Caribbean to the east, El Salvador and Honduras to the southwest, Belize to the northeast and Mexico to the northern and the western regions, Guatemala is a Central American country that is drenched in breathtaking beauty and impressive history. Any passionate couple looking to sort their anniversary gifts by year definitely needs to contemplate the idea of visiting Guatemala and mark it on their “places to remember” list for an entire lifetime. It will make for an amazing anniversary gift, no doubt it.

Due to the relatively small size of this country, one might be forced to think that there is no point in going there, just like there is no point in using discharged mobile phone batteries. What is there to see in such a small place, anyway? Well, they say strong essences are kept in small bottles. Guatemala definitely does not make any exception.

As a matter of fact, this country should enable any lady to wear her elegant evening dresses and any man to enjoy his passion for archeology, just like he would enjoy some gorgeous used cars Las Vegas. The great diversity of scenery and places to visit that is to be seen there should be displayed the very second a couple sets foot into this country. The splendid unique ecosystems that are to be seen here are free to visit and they should resemble some sort of free cell phones lottery, where everyone is winning.

To make things easier for you, we are going to describe three places that are an absolute must in terms of locations you need to visit while in Guatemala:

1.Guatemala City is also the capital of this country and a city that can be compared to some sort of headquarter for a backlinks service, due to the fact that it pretty much resembles a complicated spider web, focusing the main center of attention where one can get information on all the touristic areas of the entire country. Guatemala City lies in the center of this conglomerate of beauty and splendor, just like a central SEO San Antonio company would lie in the middle of a San Antonio’s SEO spider web of companies. The Museo Popol Vuh or the Museo Nacional de Arqueologia y Etnologia are just a couple of options one could consider while being here. the Mayan civilization is definitely going to represent one of the biggest centers of attraction for any history lover.

2.Flores is another exquisite destination you should take into consideration; the Mayans make an ever stronger presence felt there, and the Tikal National Park or the bewildering jungle are two solid reasons to go there. You might not find any hotel using solar panels there, but you will definitely have a taste of real history.

3.Pacaya Volcano is the third excellent choice for tout itinerary in Guatemala. If you are looking to see wild nature follow its natural course, check out the volcano and picture the scenery in one of your dreamweaver templates you can rely your next web site design on.

Five Reasons to Visit Guatemala

Frommer’s Guatemala
Guatemala is home to great earth wonders where there are active volcanoes located in colonial cities surrounded by lake views are all part of many unbeatable reasons as to why everyone must visit the region at least once in a lifetime. In the Pacaya area, there lies the VolcanPacayawith red larva that flows always attracting huge attention. The fantastic feature is located about half an hour drive from Antigua city. These are like home security systems.

Lake Atitlan is located about two hours’ drive from the Guatemala City; some have referred this lake as the world’s most beautiful lake. The lake is bordered by about three volcanoes. On the lake shores one can see homes to various indigenous villagers who inhabit these shores. There one can always find cheap and affordable accommodation and food which best suits various pockets.This is just like the South Africa accommodation. Eventful activities such as riding on the boats (locally made) across the Lake makes it more interesting and it would be a big injustice if one visits here and misses a boat ride. There are also great superstitions that find their home in this area such as shadowy wood whereby the villagers offer it cigarettes and it takes! It is actually considered ataboo for a visitor to come to this area without bringing gifts to the figure. This is like having a coração partido after life insurance rates rise sharply! Or a company that has received huge PPI mis selling or worse where one scrabble with friends cheat.

This brings yet another reason as to why visiting Guatemala is a must for all! The local people found within the region. They are the descendants of Maya with deeply engrossed rituals and traditions that find their roots to the first millennium. What is more interesting is the fact that these rituals and traditional practices have been well fitted with the Christian beliefs and practices. Such cultural wealth and endowment makes it important for one to pay a visit to Guatemala and see the riches of the human cradle.

The Antigua town whose roots date to colonial period offers great insights into Guatemala. The town is located about just a mile above the sea level which makes it a real great coastal town. There are many tourist hotels and accommodation places which offers great comfort. As it has been rightly observed by some people, Guatemala is an expensive place to visit and good preparation is needed prior to the visit. This is just like using a chin up bar for muscle building ahead of a competition or saving money for an executive mba or where one has to read more to become a mesothelioma lawyer.

The History of Guatemala

As there is no dearth of people who are interested in studying masters in nursing
and pursuing a career in this field; there is also no dearth of people who are interested in the world history. Such people love to know about the formation of different states and their cultures. Some people try to find out the history for the sake of interest only. For the historians and researchers, reading and finding out different facts of history is related to their career and profession. So, different people have different motives for knowing the history of different places.

As there is no shortage of people who are interested to study in masters of education and build up a career in this arena; there is also no shortage of people who are interested in the history of Guatemala. This article aims at informing those readers about the history of Guatemala. So, to know about it, you will have to read the full article.

To get the facts of the history of Guatemala, we will have to go back in time. The history of that place starts from the time when the human settlers came to this place nearly 12,000 years ago. Since then the civilization developed and flourished in that place. This era is known as the Pre–Columbian era. At that time, the local people did not have much contact with other culture or people living Mesoamerica. At that time the civilization that dominated this place was known as Mayan Civilization.

Mesoamerica was dominated by this civilization for a long time; approximately 2000 years. The culture that flourished here was known as Mayan culture. Under the Mayan influence, the culture that got flourished at that place was really very rich.

The Spanish invasion put an end to the domination of the Mayan Civilization at that place. 2000 years later, the Spaniards came to that place. It was in the early sixteenth century. By this time, some of the cities were left abandoned by the Mayan people. The reasons were vague why they left the places abandoned. Most of the important Mayan cities were perished. Then the Spaniards started their rule.

As there is no scarcity of people who are interested to study in dental hygiene schools; there is also no dearth of people who are interested in knowing about the Spanish rule in Guatemala. The Spanish arrival was a calamity to the local people. They subjugated the local people and imposed their culture upon them. Spaniards rule that country for almost 300 years. As the people who love to know about different things visit Amazon australia; the people who love to know about the colonial rule can visit different websites related to colonial rule. So, to know more about the Spanish rule in Guatemala, you will have to look at this sort of websites dealing with the history of colonization in Guatemala.

In 1821, Guatemala became independent from the Spanish rule. But still it was a part of the Empire of Mexico. So, it was struggling to be independent totally. It gained its independent from Mexico in 18940.