There are, of course, many reasons to visit Guatemala: the climate, the scenery, the people, the shopping, the unique and biologically significant ecosystems and plant life, the music, the sailing, the hiking, the historic buildings and ruins…but if you are a handcrafter, Guatemala has special joys: one of the most diverse crafting cultures of the region.
A visitor to Guatemala can not only see weavers in action, he or she can learn how to do a multitude of types of weaving, including backstrap and peddle-loom weaving; can shop for not only the woven cloth, but items made from it at specialized markets; and can learn how women grow the cotton, spin it and dye it, turning it into the wonderful threads used to make the cloth. There is also an ethnic costume museum, where one can be seduced by the wonderful colors and textures of materials not made in giant factories, and study the different styles of clothing that are worn, even to the present day. Further, each of the various indigenous groups of people in Guatemala has their own way of dressing, with their own patterns. In fact, until very recently it was said that one could tell where a Guatemalan was from by the designs on his or her clothing, and the style of that clothing.

One can study the techniques used for making the wonderful pottery that the Guatemalans make and use; one can watch terracotta and glazed earthenware pieces being turned into such items as tiles, dishes, money boxes, candelabras, drinking glasses, and vases – all for daily use.
One can also view a vibrant industry based on the carving of beautiful Guatemalan hardwoods such as Caribbean walnut, mahogany, rosewood, and ziricote; one can watch and study basketry, as fibers from plants such as bamboo, jarcia, palm, straw, wicker, and zibaque are turned into beautiful, useful items, including chests, furniture, kitchen utensils, masks, musical instruments, religious images, and toys.
And, for the jewelry lover, one can watch wrought iron being worked into beds (and other furniture), candlesticks, censers, doorknockers, lamps, ornaments, and streetlights.
For jewelry lovers, there are artisans who work in silver, making beautiful bracelets, brooches, earrings, and necklaces; all lovely, wearable art! Other artisans specialize in working with jade – the more rare blues and pinks, as well as the traditional green – turning it into lovely earrings, pendants, rings, and even reproductions of Mayan burial masks.
Yes, a tour of Guatemala has untold riches for all, but is a spot especially meaningful to anyone who is a handcrafter, or who just loves traditional crafts. With one of the richest crafting traditions of any Central American country, it will provide not only a variety of crafts, but a variety of inspirations to any handcrafter.

Travel Advice for Guatemala

With the various attractions that Guatemala has to offer, more and more tourists are finding themselves in trips heading to Guatemala. However, because the boom in tourism in the country has only grown in recent years, finding sound travel advice for Guatemala is a proposition that’s a little easier said than done. Still, it’s something that we cannot leave to web designers alone, certainly an important component of any travel plan. In the succeeding paragraphs, we’ve compiled some of the more important travel advice for Guatemala in the hopes that it will tidy up your vacation plans as a carpet cleaning New York service would.

Travel requirements. For US citizens, there are no visa requirements for entering the country. Entering the country also entitles travelers to have access to neighboring countries via the Central America-4 Border Control Agreement which include El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras. The agreement ensures that you do not have to work on a lot of travel requirements to expand your travel plans. In short, while you cannot find any African mango here, you can at least be sure that you see as much of Central America as possible.
Security concerns. Despite the attractiveness of Guatemala for all things travel, there are a few security concerns that tourists need to be mindful of. For instance, the country is currently in the midst of a slow but growing political upheaval. Industries like the Κατασκευή e-Shop, or even the equivalent of an AC repair Houston shop are all beginning to be mindful of the political affairs in their country. This has caused demonstrations and rallies to happen left and right. It is best to stay from these demonstrations so you do not get caught up in all the hoopla. In short, stick to the itinerary and limit unplanned excursions to various locations, urban or rural.
Weather. The best time to go to Guatemala is when it’s not raining. That means that flying in between June and November is generally not a good idea as this coincides with the Caribbean hurricane season. You do not need to be reminder of the lush rainforest cover in the country, a strong testament to its penchant for welcoming rains. Consequently, rains leads to potential flooding, landslides, and severely limits your outdoor excursions. Limit you visits to the first half of the year so you don’t end up clueless like someone following a fat loss 4 idiots guide.
Excursions. On a much lighter note, there are plenty of things to do in Guatemala and the fact that you have scheduled a trip is probably proof enough that you are already aware of these activities. You can be assured that you won’t be stuck reading copies of the electronic cigarette review Journal wondering the whole time if there really was anything that’s going to be fun with this trip.

As it turns out, Guatemala has some of the most attractive rainforest covers in the world, sitting just adjacent to the Amazon. The country is home to a wide selection of flora and fauna unique to the region. There are plenty of rivers for white water rafting, or hiking in the mountains to satiate your inner cravings for healthy adventure. As long as you don’t stumble upon a group of armed men each requiring drug rehab, you are fine, although in general, that is pretty hard to guarantee.

Guatemala is far from being your ordinary tourist destination, one with all the dog leads and sunny opportunities to go out and buy car battery UK just to stoke your interest for machines made by the British. But alas, Guatemala is made for those with a tougher constitution. Still, if unavoidable, there are plenty of attractions in this Central American destination. You can be confident that minus a few hair-raising close brushes with safety and security implications, you should be fine and thrilled with all the experience and immersion. Point or suggestion: thank your patron saints when you are on that plane heading back to the US because safety is never a thing you deal with on a light and nonchalant basis.

South American Countries to Visit

Are you looking for an exotic vacation without compromising your ability to sleep in clean mattresses or take a hot shower at the end of a tiring day? Then without a doubt, you are looking for South American countries to visit. Many countries in South America offer a stunning blend of vacation options combined with world class modernity. If you want the ultimate anti aging skin treatment equivalent to a Melaleuca reviews trip, book yourself a trip to South America and watch your wrinkles go away under a marvelous regimen of sun, surf, and sand.

Brazil. Most South American getaways begin in Brazil if only because it has the most stunning beaches in the continent combined with access to the Amazon rainforest. The popularity of Brazil as a tourist destination also makes it highly affordable to anyone so stop arguing that you are only working on typical IT jobs or just recently completed an online MBA program and you cannot afford the trip. Choose from the many travel package offers for Rio de Janerio, Sao Paulo, or Brasilia for an endless taste of South American allure. Better yet, time your trip to catch the world-famous Rio Carnival and get treated to an explosion of sights and sounds that are guaranteed to redefine your perspective of what true celebrations are like.
Peru. Here’s the rub: if you have only recently graduated from, say, master in public administration or a criminal justice degree online and you wan to unwind before pursuing the next big job, then try doing it in Peru. Blessed with a very long history of Mayan civilization and complete with ancient structures to show for it, Peru is the virtual equivalent of Egypt in South America. If you are looking for a little brush with history, or perhaps an insight into understanding the basis for the Mayan prophecy of the end of the world in 2012, a trip to Peru is certainly that should be in your list of must-do’s this year.
Costa Rica. One of the best destinations for a South American trip is Costa Rica. In terms of attractions, few can compare to the diversity and luxury that Costa Rica can offer. This is adequately augmented by a wide array of luxury accommodations which are sure to surpass any executive MBA offer in terms of quality and affordability. Costa Rica is fronted by both the Caribbean and the Pacific on both sides of the country and enjoys some of the best resorts, spas, and hotels in the region. Likewise, Costa Rica also has a wide array of activities to choose from including rainforest escapades, white water rafting, and water sports like parasailing, surfing, or wakeboarding so you are guaranteed to never run out of activities to do in Costa Rica.
Chile. Chile is an attractive country all to itself by it is far more renowned as being the gateway to Easter Island and the Galapagos, two of the more exotic destinations on the planet. One can easily argue that if only these locations were more SA Property than anything else, making them largely accessible to every tourist, then these would have been way more famous and they are now; but then again, the remoteness of these locations is responsible for keeping them as pristine as they are now. So if you are looking for a rewarding experience after completing something as big as online RN to BSN programs, a trip to Chile might just be the perfect reward.

So whatever keeps you occupied during the day, whether you spend most of your time in front of a computer or giving medical aid to the needy, find time to plan a trip to a South American destination. It can be the more refreshing and recharging trip that you can take for yourself so when you come back, you are ready to do bigger and grander things. Think about it seriously; after all, even the most dedicated professionals need the occasion trip to unwind and relax.

Into the Spotlight: The Culture of Guatemala

Guatemala means ‘land of forests’ and it is a name derived from a Mayan dialect that was spoken almost five centuries ago. Most non-residents and of course residents here are still using this term. Still, there are plenty of people who prefer to refer to themselves using the names derived from their own dialects, as a result of the political divisions that are known to have taken place during the 16th century. Today, folks of mixed or even non-indigenous race are to be called ‘ladino’, which emphasizes their adherence to the West, and also as a way of differentiating them from the indigenous. If you are willing to learn more on the fascinating culture of Guatemala, you can keep exploring this article or choose to go there on your own and actually experience everything as it is.

The national culture of Guatemala was also touched by the arrival of the Germans during the second half of the 19th century. Recently, a lot of residents here have decided to move to and also from the United States, as well as the Middle East, China, Korea or Japan. Despite of the large number of newcomers here, the national culture of the country was not largely influenced by their coming here.

While you do not need to ask for a huge cash advance to travel to Guatemala and learn that ‘Chapin’ is a terms used to refer to anyone who comes from Guatemala, you might want to ask for that money to travel there on the 15th of August and also on the 15th of September. These are the most important dates in the calendar of Guatemalans, as they refer to the day of their national patron saint, Maria, and also to their Independence Day. So it might just be a good idea to use your trust deed to get a loan and enjoy these national holidays. This way, you should really get a taste of the culture here, their traditions, festivals, habits, traditional foods and drinks.

Working inside your cubicles all day long and cracking some jokes with your online buddies is nothing compared to the celebrations you are prone to discover there. You should get to visit all of the great symbols of this country – including, but not solely limited to the figure of the Indian hero Tecún Umán, Tikal, the famous ruins of the Mayan city, the pyramids and stelae there, or the impressive colorful motifs originating from those small villages that are currently surrounding Lake Atitlán.

You do not even need to be working for the Supreme Group in order to go there. Just make sure you book an early flight and get to enjoy all that Guatemala has to offer. Make sure you do not miss the tamales, which are considered to be the most important ceremonial food in Guatemala.