An Unforgettable Guatemalan Experience

Working as a full time San Diego therapist in my own office for three years now has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Of course, I love that I can choose my work schedule – have a specific day and time allotted for my patients – while having the great satisfaction of being able to help people. No bossy Boss is always hovering behind my desk as I attend to all my paper works – designing personality tests, creating solution-oriented approaches for each case, experimenting on various theory combinations, etc.
Plus, I can now be more focused in my dieting plan. Due to my secret addiction to WoW gold, I have steadily gained a horrific 40 pounds that is threatening to get even worse as I write now. But clearly, my pathetic excuse for not exercising because of the World of Warcraft obsession is simply unacceptable.

My sister, who now lives in Antigua, Guatemala with her husband, has told me to try the hCG diet plan. According to the website, if you try to follow the hCG diet plan religiously, you will lose 30 pounds in 30 days. I have been a yo-yo dieter for many years now and I was wondering if I have the kind of motivation to be serious about it this time.

Antigua has been Guatemala’s capital until the 1773 earthquake seriously damaged it. In 1979, this lovely, exotic city was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. The agricultural sector employs half of the labor force and produces most of the exports such as coffee, bananas, and sugar. It is like being taken to another place and time as you wander off the cobbled streets between houses and stores that are color-washed and full of character through the historic buildings and ruins that reflect the Spanish architectural style in the 17th century.

My sister once called me, while I am in the middle of a session, and she is in the thick of a lively cultural festival in Guatemala City. It is just one among the many vibrant festivals and events celebrated by Guatemalans, which are usually religious in nature and supported by the local churches. Antigua is particularly famous for its opulent and elaborate processions during Lent and Holy Week, as part of celebrating its religious heritage. I cannot understand her with all the noise, but I was left wanting when she quickly said good-bye because they will go to Hacienda Real, which happens to serves some of the most authentic, juiciest grilled steak.

Which brings me to the some of the disadvantages of having this job. I love that I can help people and support them in the most trying situations of their lives. But being so immersed in their complicated feelings and chaotic dilemmas is sometimes taking a toll in me. And it shows in my weight gain.

So, I didn’t think twice and called my travel agent to book me an indefinite vacation to Antigua, Guatemala. Yes! I’m visiting my sister and I’m gonna enjoy the sun and surf for days! Maybe trying to live in a more laid-back atmosphere will give me the much-needed jumpstart on this hCG diet plan. My travel insurance is costing me a fortune! But there’s no turning back now.

My sister fetched me from the airport. My heart instantly warms up when I saw her coming out of the Toyota Land Cruiser she got for a bargain from the used cars dealer’s office near her home.

First things first – gotta hit the surf shop for the best surf board. I would love to crash into the waves, enjoy the cool sea breeze against my skin, and interact with beginner and professional surfers who love this unspoilt surfing destination.

The tropical climate, majestic volcanic views, Old World colonial charm, and easy access to the capital are just some of the reasons why my sister did not think twice of leaving San Diego. Her web hosting projects is generating her some serious passive income streams, giving her ample time to enjoy leisurely walks down the coffee plantations and flower farms of the idyllic Antigua. My sister and her husband are renting two serviced offices, to accommodate the demands of her highly successful online business. The organic coffee bean and cacao powder here gives you unlimited opportunities to get some premium coffee and chocolate drink, which beats anything you order from Starbucks.

One can easily be seduced by the easy, low-cost living here. Just visiting the local supermercado will give you access to the freshest, pesticide-free produce and warm, hospitable people. Everything is almost perfect, except for the hard water stains on the shower door, the kitchen sink, and even the sliding window in the front porch. It’s one of my pet peeves that even got me glued to my laptop for days, reading water softener reviews for the best home softener system.
But who am I to complain? Airport’s just less than an hour away, if I cannot really endure that. Life here can be quite extravagant, if you think about it. Ladies’ haircut and dental cleaning are three times cheaper than what I pay back home. A fun tuk-tuk ride within the city is just $1.30 although Antigua is small enough to explore by foot.
Maybe after a week of learning how to weave, trying to speak Spanish, cooking Arroz con Pollo, and practicing some salsa dance steps, I may be enticed to living this simple but comfortable Guatemalan life for good. No wonder Guatemala ranks number four in the Happy Planet Index.

A Brief History Of Guatemala

If you are interested in listening to a brief history of Guatemala, you could listen to them, the Guatemala people tell you their fascinating story, provided you are planning on visiting their country soon, or you could be visiting a special website related to Guatemala tourism and search for the click here button that should be helping you land the page that speaks about the history of Guatemala and the Mayan civilization whose existence was archeologically proven there. You could be also coming across an online book of history and download Winzip free in order to extract the book from its archives and learn everything you need to know about Guatemala from this mini history book you should be able to find online. And because we know time is truly a critical element you need to constantly keep a close eye on, we have decided to let you in on some of the most significant time frames that should best speak about the history of Guatemala.

Hence, briefly put, the Mayan civilization lived on the Guatemala land during the 3rd-10th century A.D. and this period is also referred to as the “Mayan period”. Tikal, a famous region in the northern region of Guatemala is hosting a great number of temples and pyramids and a lot of monuments and plazas that are part of the impressive number of 3,000 such monuments that have been discovered there, as part of the Maya civilization that lived there. There are no less than 6 square miles which are creating an ancient surrounding where 50,000 Mayans are believed to have settled and lived in the past. Nonetheless, the intriguing Mayan history does not come to explain the reason why these people abandoned the region sometime in the 10th century. Unless you have a master of library science and you know a thing or two about Guatemala and its history, you are probably going to be amazed to find out the fact that Guatemala was subjugated by Pedro de Alvarado and his Spanish army between 1523 and 1524. Three hundred years later, Guatemala was set free by the Spanish and its independence was officially claimed on the 15th of September, in the year 1821. Now if you own a finance MBA online degree or you completed some impressive healthcare MBA programs and you were never truly passionate about history, you might also fail to know that almost at the same time when its independence was declared, Guatemala was integrated in the Mexican empire by Augustin de Iturbide and was released again by 1823, at the end of a revolution. The United Province of Central America was formed and it consisted of Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras and El Salvador; however, the province was disintegrated in 1838, a few dictators took over soon after and the naming of Juan José Arévalo as president of the republic represented an essential point in Guatemala’s history. After Arevalo’s term, Guatemala became a Communist country and it was ruled by Jacobo Arbenz Guzman. Many years after this, just like a protected trust deed that went wrong, the republic of Guatemala struggled with a great deal of unjust declarations many demonstrations against the Communists. The year 1993 saw the Congress appointing Ramiro de Leon Carpio as ruler of the country.

Guatemala Tourist Guide

As there is no shortage of people who are interested to study in master of science in nursing and want to build up a career in this field; there is also no shortage of people who are interested in travelling. Travelling is one of the most favorite pursuits of people. Everyone loves to travel. There is a thirst for travelling in every people. People travel from place to place according to their interest and their budget.

All the people are not interested in visiting the same place. Different people have different kinds of taste and attitude towards about their preferred travel destinations. Not all of them share the same interest. But there is hardly any traveler who would not wish to see Guatemala for once. The people around the world wish to visit this place combining history, culture and nature. As there is no dearth of people who are interested to visit the online project management degree websites for more information; there is also no dearth of people who want to visit Guatemala at least once in their life.

If you are interested about Guatemala, you can visit this website for more information on the travel destinations of this place. Guatemala has numerous attractions for its tourists. It is a feast for eye for the travelers. At the same time it has tremendous historical value to fill the heart of the history lover. It has wonderful site for adventure. It has also a wonderful cultural environment that will attract the people who are interested in cultural artifacts of different countries. If you visit the commenters site, you will find the truth of all these statements about Guatemala.

Antigua Volcano is one of the most important attractions that you can find in Guatemala. As there is no dearth of people who are interested in studying MSW programs; there is also no dearth of people who are really interested in visiting this wonderful volcano. You will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of this place. Again, you will be able to visit the wonderful village and its life in the neighborhood.

As there is no scarcity of people who are interested in james smith umbrellas; there is also no dearth of people who wish to visit the churches in Antigua. These churches are the example of ancient architecture and culture. It is a wonderful experience to go and visit them all. If you visit url of different churches, you will be able to know about them before you visit them.

For the lovers of history, the main attraction here is the Colonial Architecture. You will find different kinds of buildings and monuments that will remind you about the colonial past of Guatemala. If you visit this url, you will be able to know about the history behind those monuments. To know more you can visit different websites devoted to the colonial history of Guatemala.
Another important site to visit is the Antigua ruins. These will remind you about the ancient civilization that flourished in Guatemala.